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8 dicembre 2023
Il Tuo evento in Fondazione
Fondazione Raffaele Cominelli
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La Fondazione Cominelli
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Aperitivi con le Muse
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I BisCotti
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Art is the soul of the Cominelli Foundation, which has always stood out for the high cultural value of the offer.


A bit of history

The Raffaele Cominelli Foundation aims to change the world with a lot of willpower, perseverance, but also support from the institutions.


Since our foundation we have always worked with determination to make a difference. With commitment and passion we organize numerous activities, which directly involve the community of San Felice del Benaco, as desired by the benefactor Raffaele Cominelli. Our goals are social inclusion, research of culture, support for art.


Cisano di San Felice del Benaco
Lake Garda

The Raffaele Cominelli Foundation promotes and organizes various initiatives, in order to deepen,
disseminate and enhance the culture of the Garda area.

It is an elegant venue suitable for all kinds of events, from gala dinners to informal parties.

The Board of Directors Currently in office.

"Take your life in hand and make it a masterpiece."